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Tough Love. Osama Bin Laden's gonna wake up dead! In addition to the attacks, several armed Islamist revivalist movements around the globe have been connected to al-Qaeda. This piece of shit stinks up the world even though he is hiding all the time. We've only gotten stronger today Helping each other, working things out. Submitted by blob4ever. And meanwhile, deep in a cave

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And meanwhile, under a rock

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Johnny Rebel - Fuck You, Osama Bin Laden! (Infidel Anthem) XXX Version

Infidel Anthem. View 10 more explanations. If bin Laden is in Pakistan, it is possible that he benefits from local support by the Waziri. His narrow-ass he's tryin' to save! And meanwhile, under a rock The second report that bin Laden died in June was published in a Pakistani newspaper and although it has not been conclusively confirmed or refuted, few Western publications decided the news was worth reporting. Infidel Anthem meanings Best Recent 0 meanings View -5 more meanings.

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