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In the next shot from above though, the other end of the wire's disappeared, and the car's now just hanging off a single cable which is attached to the top of the car. Osborn on the couch after he died, as Peter is lowering him, Dr. If you look closely, you can tell that it is a rotating rig, and that the film was sped up. During the World Unity Fair, Mary Jane is trapped on a piece of balcony that falls away, quite clearly hanging off and separated from the rest of the balcony. Then when Goblin is flying off, you see the bottom of it. If you pause on the complete list, you will notice "speed" is listed twice. On Thursday Tom Holland took a photo while in his Spidey costume and posted it to his Instagram account, a first for the superhero franchise.

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When Peter Parker first discovers he can climb up walls while in citizen clothinghe tests it out by climbing up a building in an alley.

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Mother reveals her post-natal depression was so severe it made her fear that her toddler would KILL her You see a shot of the Green Goblin throwing his hands up next to his head, then a close-up shot of his face where he says "oh" but there are no hands. When Peter wakes up after getting bitten he puts on his glasses and the entire screen become blurred not just the part looking through the glasses. Jump to: When he turns to look at Peter and the angle changes, he's holding the mug with only one hand. When Spider-Man finishes beating up the thugs and after Mary Jane kisses Spider-Man, when you watch the one shot from the side, Mary Jane only starts to put his mask back on.

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