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However, scammers are adaptable insofar as they are willing to stalk users even on more business-oriented sites where connections carry professional gravity. Some backstory on this: Other cases reviewed in the report, such as the inquiry into Facial Recognition usage by Facebook, and how WhatsApp and Facebook share user data between each other, are still ongoing. There are some takeaways from the incident: Scammers send you a fake email, pretending to be the LinkedIn administrative team. The idea here was build up suggested networks of compatible professional connections to help users overcome the hurdle of having to build networks from scratch — that being one of the hurdles in social networks for some people. Irene, a job seeker who had been working from home for several yearsexplains what happened when she fell for this scam:.

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It never arrived.

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Women Are Reminding People That LinkedIn Is Not A Dating Website Following "Creepy" Messages

In a list of investigations that have been reported concerning Facebook, WhatsApp and the Yahoo data breach, the DPC revealed one investigation that had not been reported before. Here's what to do if you are the victim of any LinkedIn scams:. Invitation From Scammer. If the email is real, you will have the same notice in your message folder in LinkedIn. The message read as follows:. Fortunately, Jennifer was wise to the scam from the beginning. In short:

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linkedin dating emails
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linkedin dating emails
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linkedin dating emails
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